Purified for your family's health

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers are concerned about the water their families use and here are some of the questions they have asked before purchasing our pure water.

Any questions please contact us.

Q: Does your water contain fluoride?
A: No, fluoride even in small amounts can be poisonous

Q: Are your water bottles made out of plastic?
A: No: they are made of polycarbonate #7 to protect the water from picking up any unwanted particles from plastic.

Q: Do you bottle your water?
A: No, we only sell water in bulk. We are a self service store but help with filling your containers is always available.

Q: Where does your water come from?
A: Our water originates from Municipal water source; however we polish this water through a 10 step purifying process. This includes reverse osmosis, Automatic granulation Pre-Filter, Maxi-cure activated carbon filter, 5 micro Pre-Filter, R.O. membrane, Ozone Generator, Post-Carbon Filtration and Ultra Violet Sterilizer which kills 99% of bacteria in water.

Q: Do you use salt in your water?
A: No: our filtration system uses filters instead of salt to take out the hardness and chemicals.

Q: Does your process change the taste of the water?
A: Yes our process removes all of the chemicals from the water leaving a clean clear taste that everyone loves.